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We attracted the highest-quality NFT creators, and we take pride in assisting world-class teams through Initial NFT Offerings (INO). We look for projects that will benefit not just the participants, but also the industry as a whole. Our selection criteria are stringent; they are continually adjusted as the ecosystem changes.

The new revolutionary

way to launch your NFT

Pixelabz introduce INO: Initial NFT Offering

Like any public offering, Pixelabz community will support your NFT project.


Pixelabz offers all the tools to launch your NFT project: CRM, whitelist, mint, stake, token…

Get support from our community

Receive vote, idea and help from our community to set your goal and be successful.

Join $LUCK ecosystem

Owners of $LUCK tokens will have the chance to secure their whitelisting applications and guarantee early access to your private sales.

Process of selection

Due to high demand, we cannot guarantee a fast answer. Required delay between 3-5 business days.

  1. After review and approval we’ll give you access to your own platform and you can monitor your sales
  2. You will be listed in our ‘Ongoing projects’ until you reach your goal
  3. You will be able to benefit from our $LUCK token ecosystem