• Release 3,333 PIXELABZ NFT ‘DAVID’ Collection in pre-sale at 0.1ETH and public sales 0.3ETH
  • Staked PIXELABZ NFTs generate $LUCK
  • $LUCK are used to claim Mint pass, Airdrop, Rewards, access to NFT sniper tools, private channel RAID PUMP
  • 90% $LUCK collected by PIXELABZ marketplace will be BURN
  • Use $LUCK in our ecosystem of NFT projects P2E
  • Buy land area in PIXELABZ world with $LUCK

  • Launch NFT SNIPER Tools
  • ‘NFT on steroid CRM’
  • Expand $LUCK ecosystem
  • Special surprises are airdropped to all PIXELABZ holders

  • Introducing $LUCKDAO
  • Airdrop $LUCKDAO to Opensea wallet, $SOS holders, $LUCK holders, LuckyCatzNFT holders, MonstersTrucNFT holders, Pixelabz holders
  • Vote $LUCKDAO for the next RAID PUMP
  • Stake $LUCK and receive $LUCKDAO
  • Start ‘THE VAULT’ to bring liquidity to the NFT industry as $MUSE, $NFTX and pool for P2E
  • Stake $LUCKDAO and receive $LUCK

  • Release 2,222 PIXELABZ NFT ‘ELEN’ Collection in pre-sale for 0.3ETH and public sales 0.9ETH
  • Farming $LUCK and $LUCKDAO
  • Rent out your NFT and get more rewards

  • Release 1,1111 PIXELABZ NFT ‘GOLIATH’ Collection in pre-sale for 0.9ETH and public sales 1.2 ETH
  • Expansion to the metaverse: Private access club in our Lounge Box on The SandBox
  • More details are TBD. Ideas pending success of previous phases