Pixelabz the 1st NFT DeFi Platform


If you arrived to this page, it means you are whitelisted and you have the chance to get access to the Pixelabz NFT and get all that advantages:

  • Lifetime Pixelabz membership
  • Unique artwork
  • Access to more than $100M opportunity.
  • Rarity levels and roles for some members
  • $LUCK token as a tool to participate in all the projects
  • Stake your NFT and get $LUCK token
  • Farm your $LUCK token and increase your balance. Farm up to 50,000% APY
  • Access to our membership launch in Sandbox
  • Be part of the greatest community
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Register and start your journey to get your NFT membership. Get access to more than $100M opportunity.


Hold and stake your NFT membership. Collect $LUCK every second.


Increase your balance and farm up to 50,000% APY.


Spend your $LUCK in our marketplace and take part in the best projects.

You cannot mint now, 

Register to get an extra 72H to mint. 

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