NFT Collection Creator

Pixelabz loves technology, creators and NFTs.

Pixelabz initiates the 1st INO marketplace for all NFT enthusiasts.

All projects based on any idea can start their NFT collection.
We support IPFS generative collection, we are WEB 3 enthusiasts and experts in NFT Collection Creation.

Create your NFT

Pixelabz makes creating a non-fungible token (NFT) on the Blockchain a simplicity. We create randomly generated NFTs from the layers, attributes, and traits which we will get from you. You just need to send us the artwork and let us know your requirements and we’ll take care of the rest. The ready NFTs will be delivered to your Metamask wallet directly.

Setting up a secure smart contract and hosting

We create a secure and stable smart contract that fits your needs and we connect the NFTs to your Metamask wallet. We use IPFS to host the artwork metadata on Arweave.

Control your NFT tokens

An NFT is only valuable if it ensures the legal relationship between the dematerialized work and the related files, and it must include the digital fingerprints of those files. Pixelabz helps you manage the content of your NFT tokens in order to ensure the work’s legitimacy and uniqueness.

Sell your NFTs freely

NFTs can be sold freely, with or without a sales platform. The artist or owner of an NFT can sell directly and transfer ownership of an NFT. Freedom is priceless!

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