Non-Fungible Tokens are one-of-a-kind, easily verifiable digital assets that can represent everything from GIFs to photos to videos to music albums. Theoretically, anything that exists online can be acquired as an NFT.
Pixelabz is a marketplace for elite NFT brands for exclusive members only. It is a selective club where only private members can buy NFTs and invite a few people to be part of the club. The membership of Pixelabz offers premium access to highly demanded luxury brands. The Pixelabz collection consists of randomly generated & unique NFTs, created on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens.
To become a member, you have to own a Pixelabz NFT. The membership allows you to stake your cards and receive $LUCK token that you can use in the whole Pixelabz environment.
When you own a Pixelabz NFT you are a member of Pixelabz community. You can stake you card, receive $LUCK token and use them to be whitelisted in the most exciting NFT projects, but also use them to vote, to unlock discounts and rewards and so much more.
Your Pixelabz NFTs will appear in the same address or associated wallet that you used to buy the Pixelabz.
If you are an approved whitelisted member, you will receive all the information about the mint .

All the information is displayed in our Discord server.

When you purchase a Pixelabz NFT from our website or secondary market, you own exclusive rights to your Pixelabz. This means that you own the right to access the Pixelabz community and you become a member, but you also own the right to sell the NFT on the secondary market.
You have 2 possibilities to get a Pixelabz NFT:
  • Fulfil all the conditions and be whitelisted. It allows you to mint directly from the Pixelabz website
  • Buy a Pixelabz NFT on the secondary market
The acronym DeFi stands for « decentralized finance. » Decentralized Finance is a blockchain-based type of finance that offers standard financial instruments without the use of central financial intermediaries such as brokerages, exchanges, or banks, instead of relying on smart contracts on blockchains.
The $LUCK token ecosystem is the core of the project and brings a lot of advantages for holders but also is the unique tool to whitelist, participate to project, vote, etc… $LUCK token is the center of the Pixelabz DeFi marketplace.
Hold a Pixelabz NFT and you will be entitled to stake your card and automatically receive your $LUCK token into your wallet. You can stake your NFTs directly into our website and monitor your $LUCK balance.
The $LUCK token is the pass to interact and purchase in all the Pixelabz environments. With the token, you can whitelist and enter projects, vote, participate in auctions and lottery, list in airdrops and enter contests. You will also be able to mint the collection Z of the Pixelabz NFT.
Staking is the process of locking up crypto holdings to earn rewards. In our case, you will be granted of $LUCK token if you stake your Pixelabz NFT. The longer you stake or the more NFT you stake, the more tokens you will receive.
Yield farming involves lending or staking cryptocurrency in exchange for interest and other rewards. Yield farmers measure their returns in terms of annual percentage yields (APY). In our case, you can farm up to 50,000% APY.