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Pixelabz privileged membership

Minting privileges for members only

As a Pixelabz NFT holder, you join an exclusive community and can enjoy preferred access to future NFT drops from all of our projects: early access, reserved supply, whitelist, etc.

Private community and Social Governance venture

Holders of Pixelabz NFTs will have access to our collector-only private discord channels and will be able to participate in the decision that matters for the project they are involved in.

Airdrops, rewards and more

Our members may expect specific benefits and perks created in collaboration with our partner brands. We encourage each project to reward its community in the long run.

$LUCK ecosystem

All Pixelabz members have access, thanks to the $LUCK token, to all projects and allocations. The $LUCK token is the pass to interact and purchase in all the Pixelabz environments.

What you will get with Piexlabz NFT?

  • Lifetime Pixelabz membership
  • Unique artwork
  • Access to new exclusive projects
  • Rarity levels and roles for some members
  • $LUCK token as a tool to participate in all the projects
  • Stake your NFT and get $LUCK token
  • Farm your $LUCK token and increase your balance
  • Be part of the greatest community

All about the community

Pixelabz has a mantra:

« Community is the key to success »

Being a member of this community is being part of a whole ecosystem that runs all the projects, but also allows rewards that are found nowhere else.

Pixelabz sets up the PixelVault by purchasing 5% of minted NFTs from Pixelabz marketplace and locking these into the vault for the only purpose of being redistributed to some members. Just being a member gives the chance to receive for free a unique and exclusive NF.